Explosive fun for all the family at South Heighton Bonfire

South Heighton Bonfire
South Heighton Bonfire
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If you’re searching for a friendly and safe Bonfire Night for the family then look no further.

South Heighton Bonfire Society offers the perfect night out for Bonfire fans with small children not ready for the mayhem of Lewes Bonfire.

The spectacular event will be held on Saturday November 8 with a torch lit procession and fireworks display.

Children taking part in the procession will have their own banner and will be called the Smuglets this year.

A spokesperson for South Heighton Bonfire Society said: “It is very family friendly and a safe Bonfire Celebration.

“There is also a fairly early finish so people can bring their children down to it. It’s a nice family fireworks display.”

Around 300 people will take part in the procession which will set off from the Flying Fish in Denton at 6.30pm.

Bonfire society members will then march through Denton and South Heighton, pausing at the Hampden Arms pub for about half an hour.

They will then head to the fire site in South Heighton Recreation Ground at The Hollow where the fireworks will begin at 8pm.

South Heighton Bonfire Society has made an amazing total of 1,100 torches for the night.

Expect to see a number of barbarians and smugglers in their number.

And there won’t be any drop down fireworks in the procession.

The sight of barbarians and other Bonfire Society members walking through the historic streets of South Heighton and Denton, carrying burning torches, will bespectacular.

Visiting societies will include Borough Bonfire Society, Isfield, Hailsham, South Street, Firle, Eastbourne, Southover and Burgess Hill.

There will also be bands playing the procession through the town.

Bands will include the Pentacle Drummers, Earthquake Drummers and a Brazilian band.

But what will the tableau be this year? Well obviously the Bonfire Society wouldn’t give us a clue.

You will just have to wait for Saturday November 8 for the society to reveal the big secret!

However we do know a Guido will be hauled through the streets as part of the procession.

Nevill Bonfire Society will be staging a beautiful fireworks display for South Heighton Bonfire Society on the night.

The annual event attracts crowds of up to 1,000 spectators. Bonfire is one of the main fundraisers for South Heighton Village Hall and makes between £1,000 to £2,000.