Extension to Heron Way Primary School to be decided by county council next week

A Horsham primary school’s bid for an extension will be decided by West Sussex County Council next Tuesday.

Proposals would allow Heron Way Primary School, in Heron Way, to take on more than 100 extra pupils, as the school roll is currently at 315, which would go up to 420.

If approved remodelling of the site would see four new classrooms, school hall, kitchen, toilet, changing facilities, more outdoor play areas, and increased staff parking.

According to the officers’ report four residents have raised objections over the impact of increased traffic on highway safety, increased demand on the sewerage system, and the scale and location of the extension and its impact on the surrounding area.

The report concludes: “It is proposed to add a significant extension to buildings at Heron Way Primary School in Horsham, and to expand its roll from 315 to 420 pupils.

“The development is needed to accommodate an increase in primary-aged pupils in the local area.

“While some concern has been raised by neighbouring residents about the scale of the development and particularly its impact on local roads, no objections were received from statutory consultees, including WSCC Highways Officers.

“The development is considered acceptable in design terms, and would not be detrimental to residential amenity or the environment. It is likely to increase traffic on local roads as more parents drop off/collect children, but the impact would continue to be short-lived.”

The school can take on 45 new pupils each year, but hopes to take on 60 if plans are approved. The report noted that this is needed to cater for the ‘demographic changes in Horsham itself’ rather than new housing developments.

Heron Way is currently rated as Outstanding by Ofsted.