Exterminate! Daleks launch surprise attack at Hiorne Tower in Arundel

As the people of Arundel slept soundly in their beds last Saturday (June 16), time-travelling mutant cyborgs descended on Hiorne Tower, intent on bending an unsuspecting West Sussex to their evil will.

Darleks in the field SUS-180620-155253001
Darleks in the field SUS-180620-155253001

Fortunately, two incarnations of Doctor Who from the 1960s and 1970s were on hand to send the invaders packing, with the help of their trusty robotic dog sidekick K9.

The mock invasion was set up by Gino Cinganelli, a freelance photographer who sets up large scale dioramas based on television shows and films in his spare time.

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Comic con veterans Sons of Skaro provided the five Daleks, their leader Davros and K9 the robotic dog.

Ash Surrey as the first Doctor under attack from a Darlek SUS-180620-155228001

“When Dean Stoner from Sons of Skaro asked if I’d like to photograph his Daleks I almost jumped for joy,” said Gino. “Last year we worked with titles such as The Walking Dead, with a cast of 45, On the Buses with a cast of 35, Planet of the Apes, The Matrix, Doctor Who and the Cybermen – all sorts.

“Everyone who takes part does it for free and for the fun.”

While Dean provided the Daleks and K9, Gino brought in cosplayers Ash Surrey and Stuart Grant to play the William Hartnell and Tom Baker versions of the Doctor respectively.

Gino collaborates with Daniel Hoey, a make-up artist who uses his projects to give experience to college students and pieces to add to their coursework portfolios.

Stuart Grant as Tom Baker's fourth Doctor with K9 SUS-180620-155354001

By producing such large-scale photoshoots, Gino said the duo provide a valuable platform for amateur actors, models and cosplayers to display their work.

Gino was also joined by photographer Stephanie Sceal and Kathy Hodges as driver and official holder of the Tardis.

After being granted permission by the landowners, the team sneaked up to Hiorne Tower at 4.30am in the hope of catching the sunrise without 
any interruption from passers-by.

“We thought if we could get a golden sunrise it would look spectacular,” said Gino.

Line of Darleks preparing to attack SUS-180620-155241001

“In the end we mostly got clouds, but that actually worked really well.”

Hiorne Tower has featured in Doctor Who episodes before, when Sylvester McCoy’s Doctor took on the Cybermen in the Silver Nemesis series from 1988.

Gino attempted to honour the history of Doctor Who by picturing William Hartnell, the 1960s Doctor, in black and white, in line with how he appeared on-screen in the original series.

“Ash Surrey, who plays William Hartnell, is an experienced cosplayer and Stuart Grant is the best Tom Baker impersonator I know – he even talks like him,” said Gino.

The first and fourth Doctors, William Hartnell (Ash Surrey) and Tom Baker (Stuart Grant) SUS-180620-155305001

“All in all it was a great photo shoot and we were pleased with how the morning went.”

Examples of Gino’s other projects can be found on his website. Log on to www.ginoandsharonphotography.co.uk.

Tom Baker's fourth Doctor being blasted by a Darlek SUS-180620-155317001
Stuart Grant as the fourth Doctor with K9 heading towards the Tardis SUS-180620-155330001