Extinction Rebellion want to take us all ‘back to a medieval way of life’

Extinction Rebellion protest by XR Lewes Theatre Group
Extinction Rebellion protest by XR Lewes Theatre Group

Your reporting acts as a cheerleader for Extinction Rebellion, but ignores that countless Lewesians will have had their working lives disrupted by XR’s juvenile stunts.

What a sense of entitlement do they have to think that their views entitle them to disrupt everybody else’s lives. I believe that humankind will be able to adapt to whatever climate change throws at it.

You also publish a letter amplifying Ron West’s protests (but did not publish my earlier more sceptical letter about his actions) your correspondent blaming “global capitalism”. But global capitalism has raised more than 400 million Chinese from medieval to modern living standards in 30 years. XR’s stated aims imply that we should all go back to a medieval way of life - and as the Chinese can remember what that actually means, I bet you that they won’t sign up for XR!

Fran Dixon

South Street

South Chailey