Extra grant for hotel’s conversion into a local hub

The ambitious transformation of the old Pelham Hotel, Holliers Hill, into a fully-equipped and welcoming community hub, has received a second funding boost from The Veolia Environmental Trust.

Veolia awarded the Pelham Trust a grant of £13,760 towards the second phase of work to create ‘The Pelham’. It has been described as being “a warm, welcoming space where support, advice, counselling and training will be provided by a wide range of organisations.” It will also be a space where local social enterprises can operate on a cheap and ad-hoc basis.

Chair of the Pelham Trust, Richard Mayhew, said: “This second grant represents a very welcome ‘top-up’ of our funding for this project. We can see it developing every day and we can now move toward its completion.”

The first phase of work, undertaken last year included extensive exterior repairs. The second phase is costing £120,000. Executive Director of The Veolia Environmental Trust, Paul Taylor, said: “The Pelham Trust need to be congratulated on further funding from us. Demand for funds is high and therefore they succeeded in a very competitive environment.”