Fab Beatles to perform at Hailsham Pavilion

Hailsham high street
Hailsham high street

The Fab Beatles will be visiting Hailsham Pavilion on Sunday (March 23) at 7.30pm.

For the past twenty years The Fab Beatles have performed in concert arenas all over the world and at private parties for the rich and famous from Monte Carlo to Moscow.

Organisers said the Fab Beatles present an accurate recreation of all the songs recorded during the Beatles eight year reign.

They have authentic costumes and equipment including the very drum-kit that Ringo usedon an early Beatles American tour.

Organisers said there are no tapes or recorded tracks, the songs are as the Beatles themselves would have performed them and you can re-live all of their number one hits, along with their many other memorable songs.

Tickets for the performance are priced at £18.50.

You can buy tickets by calling Hailsham Pavilion’s box office on 01323 841414.

For more information about the show, Hailsham Pavilion or any other upcoming shows at the pavilion visit the website at http://www.pavilionhailsham.co.uk/

Hailsham Pavilion is based at George Street in Hailsham town centre.