MELLOW FRUITFULNESS: Autumn is almost upon us, but what a fabulous summer we have had. My fruit trees are laden with apples, pears and quinces. People keep asking if I will be making jam, but that would just be a waste of fruit. Last time I made jam it needed to be sliced with a knife. Instead I am going to be making pies and crumbles and filling the freezer full to keep us in desserts all through winter.

CRAFTY: We will be having a craft fair here at Falmer Village Hall on November 17 and 18. We have a few slots left, so if you are a wonderful craftsperson and would like to join us, send an image of your work to me [email protected] and I will send you details.

NIGHTMARES: We were woken in the night last week by the noise of vans and diggers arriving to do work in the road at 2am-ish. We weren’t given any warning. We are situated slightly away from where the repairs were being done, but what it was like for people right opposite, I hate to think.

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WILDLIFE: I was busy clearing some dead wood in the garden when a sloe worm slithered out and made off through the grass. I haven’t seen a sloe worm for a long time, so it was nice to think they are still around.

INTERREGNUM: We have an interregnum here at St Laurence Falmer (that is we don’t have a permanent vicar at the moment) so we are calling on retired clergy to cover our services. We have been very lucky so far, but a number of clergy have written back to me saying they are booked up until Christmas. Our much missed Father Colin Lawlor was inducted as vicar of St George’s Waterlooville on Wednesday and a number of us went to the ceremony. You will have a report next week.