UNIVERSITY EVENT: The students of the University of Sussex will be returning this weekend, is that earlier than usual? I always thought it was at the end of September. But residents of Falmer have been '˜warned' that on Sunday, on the field adjacent to the ACCA Centre (formerly the Gardner Arts Centre) an event will be taking place from 6pm to 1am and will be DJ based. They say that in planning the event they have carefully considered residents living nearby and will be putting in a robust noise management plan to ensure minimal impact to the local community. They also say that their main priority is to provide a secure environment for new students living on campus, many of whom will be leaving home for the first time. I whole heartedly agree with this sentiment, I worry about these young people practically thrown head first into the deep end. I suppose these first few days of their first term has to be boisterous and exciting, but who remembers the students who do not wish to enter into these scenes, there are some we see every year walking through the village looking lonely and forlorn, who looks out for them? What ever happens I wish all new students the very best for the next few years and success at the end of their courses.

Friday, 14th September 2018, 6:00 am