AUTUMN: I heard on September 1 on the radio from the Met Office that they consider it is now autumn. No, no, no not yet. Sunday was a glorious day no wind and the sun shining, I took myself off to Stanmer Park with my little dog friend, she just loved meeting so many friendly dogs. We were at first surprised when passing through the University to the Park to find there was some serious bike racing taking part on a marked out course. I made enquiries and it was an event organised by a local bike club for the London Cross Country Bike League, the first of their new season. From the little I saw it looked very exciting, they started in the morning with a race for the 8 year olds and under, that I sadly missed I would have very much have liked to have seen that. I was told that there were over 400 competitors taking part in various races. Good luck to all you bikers and I hope you have a good season.

Friday, 7th September 2018, 6:00 am

END OF SUMMER: I go back on my word about the summer being over, the last of our Sunday afternoon teas took place on Sunday. The wonderful Art Wave exhibition in Falmer has been dismantled and Falmer thanks all of those artists who came to exhibit their work. We hope they did well.

CONCERT: The next event in Falmer takes place on Saturday September 29 in St Laurence Church at 5.30pm. The Double Duos will be entertaining us. A unique combination of four instrumentalists, mainly performing repertoire from the Golden-Age of Swing Music from the 1920s to the 1950s. Two clarinets/saxophones, a horn and a double bass recapture the glamour and excitement of the periods through special arrangements written to exploit the strengths of this ensemble.