Farm seeking retirement homes for thousands of friendly chickens

Can you take in a hen?
Can you take in a hen?

The Macs Farm, in Ditchling, is once again re-homing 3,000 chickens, starting tomorrow (Saturday, January 5) and continuing on January 12.

In order to send their hard-working girls to their forever homes, The Macs Farm works with Fresh Start for Hens (FSFH).

FSFH is an organisation that works with different farmers who are looking to give their commercial hens a retirement home, rather than send them to slaughter. It is a not for profit organisation and the volunteers work tirelessly to ensure every hen goes on to a safe and happy home.

On the morning of a re-home, FSFH turn up at the farm, crate the chickens up and transport them to different parts of the country. It is an operation that needs military precision and the focus is to move the chickens quickly and safely.

The Macs Farm has been re-homing its chickens for 10 years with the help of different animal rights organisations like FSFH. By working with these organisations, the family run farm has re-homed 90,000 of its chooks.

Kelly, of The Macs Farm, said: “Keeping chickens in the back garden is a great way for children to learn where their food comes from. Our hens are so friendly and make perfect pets that lay you a little present most days.”

Before committing to rehoming any of the hens, you must do your research and make sure that you are completely ready for them. FSFH asks that everyone has a safe, happy home for the chickens to go to.

You would need a clean hen house for the required amount of chickens and a secure, fox proof run. They must have constant access to fresh water and food, such as a good layers mash or pellets.

The chickens will love to join you when you are out and about in your garden. They are so friendly so do not be surprised if they start tapping on your kitchen door to come in and visit!

If you can offer a forever home, get in touch with FSFH via and follow them on their Facebook page. To reserve hens for either January 5 or 12 fill out the form on the reservations page. You can email

If you have trouble completing the form. FSFH is always on hand with the best advice to help new and experienced keepers look after their chickens.