Fears cat found perished at roadside is missing pet of movie star's daughter

A search for a cherished pet cat belonging to the daughter of Hollywood movie legend Orson Welles is feared to have ended in tragedy.

Teddy SUS-171008-165041001
Teddy SUS-171008-165041001

The cat called Teddy went missing two weeks ago - for the second time within months - but it is feared that a cat’s body found at the weekend is that of little Teddy.

Teddy first disappeared soon after moving into his new home at Maplehurst near Horsham after arriving from the USA with his owner Beatrice Welles in May.

Distraught Beatrice launched a massive search to find Teddy and had almost given up hope of ever seeing him again when, miraculously, he was finally tracked down two months later.

He was discovered, thin and starving, by a walker on the Downs Link near West Grinstead. He was gradually recovering from his ordeal back safely home once more when he disappeared again two weeks ago.

But a neighbour of Beatrice telephoned her at the weekend to say that a cat with a striking resemblance to Teddy had been found in a ditch near her home. “It’s so sad,” said Beatrice. “I’m almost certain it’s him. I thought it was going to be a lovely English countryside life for him. But it wasn’t to be.”

Teddy is believed to have been hit by a car soon after he disappeared for the last time.

“As awful as it is, I am grateful that I know what happened,” said Beatrice, who has buried Teddy’s remains in the garden of her home.

“I would like to thank everyone who tried so hard to find him.” she added.