Fears of council workers as waste contract gets closer

TALKING about struggles in your work place can be difficult at the best of times.

But when you and your colleagues face redundancy and fear changes at work will affect other people negatively - the task is even harder. However an employee of Wealden District Council, who did not want to be named, braved the offices of the Sussex Express this week. They said several council waste employees with many years’ experience faced redundancy under the new waste contract [see lead story, p39].

They  said: “There are seven full time staff really worried about their jobs because the new contractor wouldn’t want them. Nobody wants to go to work at the moment. Morale is just so, so low.”

Outsourcing a third of the current work to improperly trained agency staff was a current issue, they said. The worker also said the new contractor may not take on any of the council depots such as Pine Grove. It was pointed out that green waste bins were being reduced from 240litre size to 180litre size, with an extra cost to ratepayers for new food bins too.

Wages have been frozen in the past three years, they said, with one redundancy to date. Wealden refuses to comment on matters relating to the joint waste contract, saying they are confidential.