Federation of Holistic Therapists

We are very pleased, and not a little excited, to announce that we have a return visit from the splendid Jon Critoph from The Federation of Holistic Therapists as our next guest speaker on Wednesday, March 18 at 7.30pm, WRVS Centre, South Street, St Leonards.

Those of you who attended his last talk, a couple of years ago, will remember how entertaining and motivating he is, and this time his talk will be on Human Design. Now here’s the exciting bit, and a rare opportunity, if you send him your details by Friday, March 13 he will work out your chart and bring it with him. Here is what he has to say:

“Isn’t it amazing when you buy a new fridge or TV there is an instruction manual and yet we come along into life and have no instructions at all. Well that is until now with the arrival of Human Design and with it a wealth of knowledge about ourselves and for each one of us there are some many unique attributes often that we have been taught over the years to do the exact opposite of what is healthy and supportive for us. The talk will not be able to give everyone their one unique reading but will give everyone some good hints and clues into how to improve the quality of their life. It will require a little bit of up front work as I will need names, dates, times and places of birth in order to produce your charts. Where you do not know your time of birth please see if you have any clues, such as, it was around lunch time etc. If not, get to me what you know and we will work from there. Email Jon at jcritoph@btinternet.com”.

Bring your friends, your leaflets, your business cards, any books you’ve written and if you’re a therapist we will give you two CPD points for attending. Entrance fee: FHT members £5, Non-members: £6, Concessions: £3 to include teas and coffee.

For further information contact: Glynis Foord on 07811 96940, or Margaret Trowell on 01424 433254.