Festival at Seaford Head School raises £5,000 for cancer charity

A festival for Macmillan Cancer Support Charity at Seaford Head School raised an impressive £5,000.

Many staff and students at the school have had close experiences of dealing with cancer and the event was designed to show support.

The school said it was a chance to ‘stand up’ to cancer and highlight that people were not alone.

Head teacher Lynton K Golds said: “A huge thank you has to go to Miss Jade Starkins, who thought of the idea over a year ago and was behind the organisation of the entire event.

“She was supported by a large team of people but without her imagination and enthusiasm, it would not have happened. I am very proud to have her on my staff.”

The statistics are that one in three people are affected in some way by cancer.

The community showed amazing support at the festival on Friday July 4, with help from the PTA, primary schools, the Kings Church in Eastbourne, the Mercread Centre, Seaford Lifeguards, Sussex Events and many volunteers.