Festival needs IT administrator

Organisers of Hastings Musical Festival urgently need a volunteer to take over the position of IT administrator.

The festival is a charitable organisation principally run and maintained by volunteers.

Dedicated people give up their time and skills to keep alive one of the biggest and best locally organised musical festivals in the country.

Molly Townson, chairman of Hastings Musical Festival, said: “Over the years technology has come to play a bigger and more important role within the administration of the festival.

“It now needs a dedicated administrator to maintain and develop, as required, the database and the website and to liaise with the local printer who produces the Syllabus and Programme booklets.”

To manage, maintain and develop all the IT aspects of the festival requires a considerable amount of experience in several programming languages e.g. MySQL, PHP and Joomla, and a familiarity with the requirements of working via the internet on the IT server.

The current festival system is a bespoke application written in procedural PHP/MySQL with a Joomla front-end for the public website.

Molly added: “The position waiting to be filled is unquestionably fairly demanding, but it is a wonderful opportunity for anyone with the relevant IT experience to help maintain the success of the Hastings Musical Festival.

“Handover and ongoing emergency support will be available from the outgoing manager.”

Anyone interested in the role should make their initial enquiries to John Macnab by ringing 07768 81033.

Alternatively people can email him at john.macnab@btconnect.com.