Festive feuds with the in-laws

It's something we've always suspected, but now it's official: Brits don't get along with their in-laws.

The in-laws SUS-161218-153342001
The in-laws SUS-161218-153342001

According to new research by Jurys Inn hotel group, more than two thirds (68 per cent) of people admit they don’t get along with their partner’s parents.

Brits are bracing themselves for festive feuds, with one in 10 saying their in-laws are the biggest stress over the festive period and six per cent of people even admitting to actively avoiding seeing or speaking to them at Christmas.

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Despite Christmas being a time for family, Brits get stressed out at their in-laws over everything from Brexit to bodily functions, and one in 10 admit to getting annoyed at their in-laws for buying useless Christmas presents.

But it’s not surprising so many people get annoyed, with one in five people saying their partner’s parents criticise the way they do things and one in seven saying their partner changes around their own family.

The top five festive feuds are Christmas food and cooking, the TV/the TV remote, the in-laws, Christmas presents and the central heating.

The top five in-law irritants are criticising the way you do things, questionable Christmas gifts, competing against your family, criticising your cooking and criticising your parenting skills

Suzanne Cannon at Jurys Inn said, “Whether it’s bickering over the TV remote or dealing with the in-laws, Christmas can be a stressful time for families.”