Festive variety show to raise money for Kenyan clinics

A CHRISTMAS variety show will be streamed from Newhaven to Kenya to raise funds for clinics and medial supplies in the country.

The show will take place on December 10 at the Gateway Church in High Street, Newhaven at 7:30pm.

Organiser Rick Sharpe said: “We will be streaming our Christmas Variety show from Newhaven to Kenya, and receive a reciprocal programme from our kids and choir and acts in Kenya, and stream onto a big screen in the venue.

“Proceeds from the show will go towards placing container clinics and medical supplies in Kenya, and for funding towards running classes in the Newhaven area, to train volunteers of all ages, so they will be able to volunteer for us in Kenya.

“A reciprocal series of programmes will also be available for people in Kenya to learn about social issues there, and for them to come to the UK, and impart their knowledge to us.”

Tickets are priced at £7 for adults, £5 children.