Fight to save historic Turkish Baths in Lewes continues

Councillors are continuing with their efforts to safeguard the Turkish Baths in Lewes.

Cllr Ruth O’Keeffe and cllr Graham Mayhew are both seeking to persuade English Heritage to list the building on different grounds.

An attempt was made by cllr O’Keeffe to list the building as an asset of community value in its role as a provider of printing services to local groups in April.

But a panel which assessed the bid at Lewes District Council rejected the proposal.

It said the main activity at the Turkish Baths was printing services for the district council, not printing for community groups. The district council has moved its print service to Eastbourne.

The panel said the loss of the community printing service could not be considered to have a direct impact on the social wellbeing of the community. Cllr O’Keeffe disagreed saying there was no alternative which was accessible and good value.