Film about Seaford aviator is sexist and constitutes heritage vandalism!

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Henry Coxwell was an inspiring Victorian aviator who, with his friend James Glashier, achieved a world altitude record in 1862.

During the flight Glashier collapsed and Coxwell bravely climbed out of the basket to make the balloon descend. Coxwell lived in Seaford where he had a balloon factory.

Members of Seaford Museum have restored his grave at Seaford cemetery and a Number 12 bus and Coxwell Close in the town are named in his honour.

A new film ‘The Aeronauts’ starring Eddie Redmayne tells the story of the heroic flight and is currently showing in local cinemas.

Redmayne plays the part of Glashier but poor Henry Coxwell has been replaced by a fictional woman.

There would be an absolute outcry if a famous woman from history were to be airbrushed and replaced by a male actor!

The film is not only an act of heritage vandalism - its heritage sexism too!

Kevin Gordon

Parsonage Road