Filmmakers need your help to screen Hailsham dairy farmer story


There are just a few days left for Selmeston filmmakers to raise £20,000 to bring their story of a Hailsham farmer and his favourite cow to big screens around the country.

Andy Heathcote and Heike Bachelier’s The Moo Man stars organic dairy farmer Steve Hook, of Longley’s Farm, and they are the first filmmakers in the UK to self-release a film with the help of money raised via a crowdfunding campaign.

This week they achieved half the amount on Kickstarter but they only have until Wednesday to gain pledges for the rest to release the film on July 12.

The Moo Man was a surprise hit at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah in January and London in March.

“It’s been a long process,” said Andy, of Trufflepig Films. “It’s nearly five years ago since I first met Steve.

“Here was a farmer who is passionate about his cows, about producing organic raw milk and keeping the family farm small and sustainable.”

The film is about the wonderful relationship between Steve and his animals - particularly Ida the cow - but also highlights the importance of family farms and our lost connection with food and where it comes from.

When it premiered at Sundance they said: “It was so great to see how The Moo Man really touches people.

“To sit amongst the audience and witness them laugh, cry and cheer was very heartwarming and exciting.”

“We wanted to take it around the country to spread the message about how British family farmers are dying out,” said Andy.

“We need to shop local and use our farmers’ markets else these guys are going to go.”

The pair need the funds for a film trailer, movie poster, a PR company to look after publicity, digital files and it’s £1,000 just to get the film certified.

They also want to take farmer Steve around for Q&A sessions.

“Cinemas aren’t going to choose our film rather than a blockbuster if they don’t think people will go along,” said Andy.

Go to and search for The Moo Man to pledge money for anything from £5 for a digital postcard to £3,000 to be listed as an executive director.

The Moo Man is set to have an opening night at Hailsham Pavilion on July 9 with the star local cow on the red carpet.