Find out how far away Seaford is from cities around the world with plaque

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Seaford news.

A new plaque showing the direction and distance in miles from Seaford to cities in Greenland, America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia is to be unveiled on Monday June 2 at 6.30pm on Seaford seafront.

The plaque has been paid for with a legacy left by past president of Seaford Martello Rotary Club Claire Ivory, who died in 2009.

Claire had a keen interest in fighting world poverty through Rotary and in her presidential year encouraged support for water projects in remote villages in Nepal.

The plaque, designed by Rotarian Anthony Reynolds in conjunction with Tilley Stonemasons Ltd of Brighton, is being built by Rotarian Shaughn Arkwell and will be the property of Seaford Town Council.

The Martello Rotary Club will unveil the plaque at a ceremony in the presence of Seaford mayor Mark Brown and members of Claire’s family.

The town council gave its approval for the plaque in October last year.

The Rotary Club raises money for good causes at home and abroad.