Find out what Seahaven Lioness Club does

Do you know what the Seahaven Lioness Club is and what it does?

Despite the club and its high profile events being around since 1993, many people don’t know it exists.

So the Lionesses are inviting everyone to join them for coffee at The Old Plough in Seaford on Thursday April 11 any time between 11am and 1pm to find out more during Lioness Awareness Week.

For 20 years the club, which has a Saturday stall in Seaford most weeks from spring to autumn, has been recruiting members, organising fundraising events and helping out clubs, organisations and individuals within the communities of Seaford, Newhaven and Peacehaven.

At the time of its inauguration Lions Clubs were male-only preserves so there was a need for a club for women who wanted to get involved in similar activities.

The lionesses have always worked closely with the local lions Club, NP&S, and, although they do now have female members, the Lionesses feel they still have a role to play as a separate organisation.

A lack of knowledge of Lionesses is a widespread problem so a week each April has been designated nationally as Lioness Awareness Week, when all Clubs are urged to make their presence felt in their local communities.

There will be displays of information and pictures and the Lionesses will be on hand to answer questions.

There will be no hard sell to recruit members, but if anyone thinks they might have some spare time and energy to help the Lionesses make a difference in their community and wider, they will of course be welcome.