Finding the ‘wolf’ in your best companion

Dogs are great. They have a place in our lives as companions and workers.

We have so many breeds of dog to choose from that it would seem a dog could be found to suit almost anyone.

Dogs have been domesticated for thousands of years. Humans probably reared wolf puppies and used them for hunting since the earliest of times.

Today these companions look very different from the wolf, but when you look a little closer you will see many similarities.

I find the behaviour of dogs fascinating as we become, for them, members of their pack and they behave towards us accordingly.

If we do not properly understand this concept, problems may sometimes arise as we send inappropriate messages to our pet.

If you occasionally try to understand the wolf in your pet’s nature you will find a great satisfaction from doing so.

Dogs are interesting, loyal companions. They have a variety of functions in our society. They can assist the blind, the disabled and the deaf.

They have been used for activities as diverse as mountain rescue to space travel and of course they have a huge role in our families as pets.

Owning a dog encourages outside activities such as walking which keeps us humans fit and healthy.

They are fantastic for anyone feeling lonely since they will provide their own form of companionship and will also encourage social interaction between people. (If you have ever taken a young puppy for a walk, you will definitely understand what I mean.)

If you decide a dog is the animal for you, think carefully about it.

Owning a dog is a long term commitment (10+ years). They need exercise and stimulation as well as companionship to prevent them becoming bored and unfit.

If given a loving home with all his basic requirements fulfilled, a dog can definitely be a man’s (or woman’s) best friend.

Samantha Coe