Fine night for Firle bonfire

While Fletching was deluged with rain and Littlehampton had its bonfire night cancelled, Firle Bonfire Society enjoyed a fine evening.

Always popular, the good weather brought in thousands to see the torchlit procession through the village and firework display.

Firle bonfire 2013

Firle bonfire 2013

Spectators loved the tableau - TB or not TB - featuring badgers in their sett with machine guns and weaponry.

At the back of the tableau was a white flag with ‘no surrender’.

A comment on not underestimating the underdog and that you can’t always expect plans to go ahead, the crowds shouted, “Badger” as it paraded through the streets.

Society press officer Roz Bassford-Smith said: “We were incredibly fortunate to be blessed by the weather as we had a really nice bone dry evening, although it was slightly windy.

“We attracted thousands of people because we had good weather and it was a very successful night.

“Spectators loved the tableau and there was a series of torchlit processions and a spectacular aerial display.

“We don’t know yet how much we have raised for our two charities - the Oyster Project in Lewes and FBS dramatics - but we would like to thank members of the Oyster Project who came out and helped collect for us.”