Firecrews and police help drivers in Uckfield see error of their ways

BAD DRIVING came under the spotlight in Uckfield last Friday. During a day of action Wealden police teamed up with East Sussex Fire and Rescue to target selfish or dangerous road users.

Police stopped motorists for a number of offences and offered them the chance of education from East Sussex Fire and Rescue.

Uckfield’s Sgt Amy Mason said: “We dealt with more than 25 offenders on the evening for various offences and the operation was a massive success with education proving extremely worthwhile. People who took part were all very positive and had clearly taken something away from it.

“Some of the videos left them shocked and they said they hadn’t previously thought of the consequences of their actions but now they see how catastrophic they can be”.

This event proved an overdue wake-up call for many of those who were pulled over. Twenty-year-old James from Wealden, stopped for speeding, realised what he had done. He said: “The videos were a real eye opener. It shows how simple things can, within a split second, end in disastrous consequences. It has also made me think about what families must go through when they receive the devastating news that their loved ones have been involved in a serious accident.”

Just some of the offences included speeding, not wearing a seatbelt, using a mobile phone, careless and inconsiderate driving. Some of these could have catastrophic consequences.

Uckfield Fire Station manager Matt Lloyd said “The education part was a great success with my crew members being able to talk about their personal experiences of road traffic accidents and showing videos of the results of not following the Highway Code. The partnership with the police is vital in reducing the numbers of killed and seriously injured on the roads of Wealden.”

A driver simulator was used to show drivers firsthand the differences in their driving when speeding, distracted and under the influence of alcohol. All were surprised at the effects these had. Members of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents were on hand to offer 17-25 year olds free advanced driving lessons to develop their skills. To receive this training visit: for more information.