Firefighters busy as floods hit the area

Flooding'South Road, Hailsham SUS-150801-154242001
Flooding'South Road, Hailsham SUS-150801-154242001

Firefighters were called to ten flooding incidents across Polegate, Hailsham, Herstmonceux and Lower Dicker on Thursday morning.

With around 20mm of rainfall in the morning, East Sussex was battered by torrential rain causing flooding on roads and in properties.

The A22 between Polegate and Hailsham was heavily flooded, as well as the A27 at Selmeston, causing delays on the roads.

The A271 Hailsham Road in Herstmonceux was closed because of flood water.

Sergant Simon Kind tweeted at the scene, “Flooding at A271 Herstmonceux. Road closed, unless you have a DUKW or James Bond’s aquatic Lotus.”

Hailsham Police said Hawks Road in Hailsham was flooded and drivers were also faced with flooding on South Road, Mill Road, Ersham Road, and Salt Marsh Lane in the town.

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service had a number of calls relating to flooding.

At 10.06am, firefighters were called to reports of a car trapped in water in Herstmonceux. The fire service said no-one was trapped on arrival. Flooding was affecting electrics in a property on Woodlands Close in Hailsham at 10.13am, and firefighters used pumps at the scene. There was a number of properties affected by flooding at Pembroke Close, in Hailsham, where the service was called at 10.30am.

At 10.31am, there was a call about flooding in Battle Road, Hailsham. Six properties were affected by floods at Butts Field in Hailsham. Firefighters arrived at 10.38am and said it was not affected electrics. At 10.50am there were reports of flooding at a property on the A22 at Lower Dicker. And at 11am another call came in about flooding at Hawkswood Drive in Hailsham. There was a car trapped in water at Arlington at 11.48am, and firefighters towed the property to safety. Two people were rescued.

And at midday there were reports of flooding at a property on the A22 in Hailsham.