Fishing stage is built at harbour

New lease of life - the fishing stage at Newhaven.
New lease of life - the fishing stage at Newhaven.

A replacement fishing stage at Newhaven West Quay opened on Saturday (June 15) improving facilities for fishermen and benefiting the local economy and community.

Fishing Stage 16 fell into disrepair some years ago and was very nearly demolished.

However, the Newhaven Port and Properties Ltd management team saw the potential to bring it back to life.

After going through a tender process and assignment of budget funds, fairly new Newhaven company Haven Home Construction was contracted to carry out the refurbishment using a method unique to them to keep the costs to a minimum whilst providing a quality structure.

Haven undertakes works that are not your typical “run of the mill” projects, said the port.

The company is committed to only employing local labour and using local suppliers of materials and so was delighted to have won the contract to work for Newhaven Port for the benefit of Newhaven Fishermen and therefore the socio-economic benefit of the town as a whole.

The Port was so delighted with the result, Haven has been contracted to refurbish Fishing Stage 13 using the same techniques.

Work will commence around July 1.

The result of these improvement works is that not only are the working and safety conditions improved for the fishermen but up to four new berths have been created and the area looks more attractive for visitors.

It is hoped further improvement works can be carried out to the remaining fishing stages in the harbour over a period of time and within budget restraints.

Harbour master captain David Collin-Williams said: “It is all part of the ongoing programme to improve the facilities for the fishermen of Newhaven, which benefits the local economy and community. It also helps to improve the image of the West Quay to make it more attractive for residents and visitors alike.”