Fishing stage reopened at Newhaven Port

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A FISHING stage which was used by larger vessels at Newhaven Port has been rebuilt thanks to funding.

It was officially opened on June 23 with guests including Newhaven Mayor Steve Saunders, Patrick Jeanne the chairman of NPP board of directors and Francois Jean the port manager. .

More than two years ago the port realised the wooden fishing stages put up many years ago along the west bank were nearing the end of their working life.

The bank itself was in need of attention to stop it slipping into the river.

Work began almost immediately to repair the river bank.

This was an ongoing process tackling the problem section by section, year by year.

It was decided that fishing stage 7 was beyond repair and had to be demolished.

Mr Collins Williams said: “This left us in a dilemma as there is nowhere else in the harbour to moor the larger fishing vessels that use this stage.

“NPP recognised that the fishing community is important to the town and to the port through employment and social/economic benefits.

“The industry has and indeed is going through hard times and it needs supporting or will be lost forever.”

Thanks to David Guy from Seafish and Paul Johnson from the Marine Management Organisation, who unfortunately could not be here today, we heard about the EFF – the European Fisheries Fund. A European project to grant up to 50 per cent funding towards investment in sustainable fisheries.

The successful contractors were WPH Marine who “moved in” to Newhaven in February this year and started work in earnest in March.

Mr Collins-Williams said: “The workmanship and the quality of this new stage 7 is obvious to all and we thank WPH for their excellent work.

“So, to WPH Marine, Royal Haskoning, the Marine Management Organisation, Seafish and the European Fisheries Fund; NPP, our local fishermen and the people of Newhaven say a big thank you for making this day happen.

“NPP are committed to improving the impression of the West Bank for the local people and the facilities of the local fishermen.”

Mr Collins-Williams said the port was in the process of drawing up plans for the next stage of improvements further up river and will be applying to the MMO later this year.