Fishing vessel saved by Newhaven Lifeboat

A fishing boat would have sunk on Sunday April 21 had it not been for the volunteers at Newhaven RNLI Lifeboat Station.

Two people were on board the 24ft vessel when it got into difficulties six miles off the coast of Newhaven.

Solent Coastguard tasked the lifeboat to the emergency at 8.10am.

Once alongside, the two stranded people on board were transferred to the lifeboat.

Two lifeboat crew then went on board the stricken vessel with a salvage pump to stop water coming in.

A tow was established and the boat was taken to its home port of Brighton Marina.

At the entrance of Brighton Marina, Brighton’s RNLI Atlantic Inshore lifeboat took over the tow taking the fishing vessel through the lock where she was safely lifted out of the water.

Newhaven lifeboat Coxswain Paul Legendre said: “Without our intervention today there is little doubt that this vessel would have been lost.

“Thankfully the crew on the casualty had a VHF radio to raise the alarm and alert other vessels to stand by should they have needed to abandon their vessel before we arrived.”

Newhaven lifeboat then returned to station and was ready for service at 12.30.