Fittleworth man tells of life-changing support

A man from Fittleworth has spoken about how overcoming a speech problem has changed his life.

Ed Gammie SUS-140711-171455001
Ed Gammie SUS-140711-171455001

Ed Gammie, 23, has struggled with a stammer in his speech for most of his life.

But after receiving help from Slinfold based mind therapy company, The Seraphina Mind Studio, his confidence has grown and he is now working in a job he could only dream of doing a few years ago.

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Ed said: “I had struggled with my speech for a number of years, and went through many programmes, courses and therapists that ultimately were unsuccessful.

“It came to the point where it was bringing down my aspirations and my career, but then I came across the Seraphina Mind Studio.”

Ed visited the studio with his family and met anxiety specialist Penny Michaels, who has helped him to overcome his condition.

“I didn’t know what to expect when arriving to meet Penny for the first time, but when I left the first session, I was already filled with a new belief and confidence that she would be the one to finally end my plight.”

Ed now works for Double Negative, a special effects company that is based in London, and is working alongside a whole team of people, something he thought he would never be able to do.

“In the last year I have gone from cleaning houses alone to working with hundreds of people on feature films.

“I have reached consistent levels of confidence and speaking fluency that I have never experienced before, and I attribute all of this success to the work I have done with Penny.

“It is amazing how much of a positive impact this has had on my everyday life, both professionally and personally, and I can finally be the person I have always wanted to be.

“She has completed turned my life around and are there no words to express how grateful I am.”

Penny said: “When I first met Ed his stammer was acute and he wasn’t able to say his name or get through a full sentence fluently.

“It’s fair to say his self-esteem and confidence was at rock bottom.

“This is quite common when a person has spent years trying all sorts of treatments that haven’t worked, eventually they lose hope.

“However, ten months on he is a very different Ed and is happy, confident with a consistent level of fluency he never thought possible. I am very proud of him.”

It was not just Ed who was effected by his condition. His mother Jan Gammie described how difficult the situation has been for the whole family and how proud they all are with what Ed has achieved.

“It has been a long hard struggle,” she said.

“This only started when he was about 13 so it has been ten hard years.

“He was concerned that he would never get a job because he struggled to speak. We are really proud of him.

“This shows to others it is possible to do what you want and it doesn’t have to hold you back.”

Penny is running a new course starting in January to help people who struggle with their speech.

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