Five Ashes couple use oil club to reduce heating costs

A COUPLE from Five Ashes were featured a national newspaper financial page last week when they described how a new scheme helped drastically cut heating fuel costs.

Chris Mayne, a programme director and his wife, Carole, a project manager were featured in Saturday’s Times talking about how they needed to reduce the cost of heating oil to their five bedroom detached home.

The couple have now subscribed to via a free website which takes the concept of group fuel buying to a new level.

Chris said: “Our current supplier was asking for 65.98p per litre while the oil club is charging just 56.84p – a difference of nearly 10p per litre.

“On our 1,300 litre tank that would amount to a saving of nearly £130.”

He went on: “I wish I’d joined last year but my fuel supplier contacted me to say my then direct debit sum was not enough to cover higher costs, so I increased it to pay off my debt.

“I wanted to clear that before I embarked on finding any other way to buy fuel.

“Another point is that a ‘signalman’ system in the tank meant the supplier came round to top it up, often at the higher point of a price fluctuation.”

Oil club website founder Chris Brown said the site is taking individual oil clubs to a national level by combining a lot of small purchasers into one body and reducing the number of tanker deliveries.

The club aims to carry even greater bargaining power with oil suppliers and obtain the best prices.