Five Ashes mum’s gruelling night walk


A MUM FROM Five Ashes is taking part in a gruelling night walk through the streets of London to help fund pioneering research into eye diseases.

Trudi Dawson was inspired to get fit for the 15 mile Fight for Sight Carrots NightWalk on Friday, September 21. One of her two sons has the rare eye condition achromatopsia which is currently incurable. She has already raised more than £1,000 to help support the charity.

Trudi said: “Like all mothers, I am passionate about helping my children reach their potential and having a child who is severely sight impaired takes this to a new level. I would walk to the ends of the earth and back to find a cure for the condition which affects my son, so 15 miles in the middle of the night seems like a good place to start for now. Researchers are investigating ways to use gene therapy to treat his condition and others like it. Sadly the only thing standing between future treatments becoming a reality for my son is further research funding.”

She went on: “I did a five kilometre run for Cancer Research a short while ago but this is very different. I did that at a jog. I consider I’m fairly fit – I ride quite a bit – but 15 miles is a long way. I managed seven miles along the Cuckoo Trail and then a ten mile walk last weekend. You think a walk is no big deal, but believe me, it is. When your child is ill you want to do everything but this is something I can’t fix, so this charity walk seemed like the best idea.”

Former Paralympic swimmer Chris Holmes, MBE, is lending his support to Trudi. Chris lost his sight at the age of 14 and went on to become Britain’s most successful individual Paralympic swimmer, winning nine gold medals. He supports the Fight for Sight Carrots NightWalk and said: “Finding ways to reduce sight loss in adults and children is a cause that’s close to my heart and it’s fantastic that Trudi can join me on the start line. Together we can raise vital funds to help Fight for Sight dramatically reduce sight loss for all.”

To support Trudi, please visit For more information please visit or call 0207 264 3900.