CHURCH SERVICES: Church of St Andrew and St Mary the Virgin, Sunday, 10am Parish Communion. Wednesday, 10am Holy Communion.

Friday, 14th September 2018, 6:00 am

FAMILY FUN DAY: Piltdown Residents Association Family Fun Day and Dog Show at The Lamb tomorrow, Saturday, from 2pm.

FLETCHING SINGERS: Rehearse at 7.45pm on Tuesday.

MARTIAL ARTS: Kobudo Martial Arts meet on Thursday at 5pm.

AGM: The Friends of Fletching Church will be holding their AGM in the church on Wednesday September 19 at 7.30pm. As well as electing officers and approving our accounts, it will also be an opportunity (over a glass of wine) to hear about what we have achieved over the last year and our future plans, so do come along.

100 YEARS AGO: Sussex Express 13 September 1918. How to use less Coal. Be prepared. Buy fire bricks now. Do not start fires until it is really cold. Indulge less in the luxury of a hot bath. A cold bath in the morning, for those who can stand it, is more healthy and keeps you warm longer.

Remember, the more careful you are at the beginning of the winter the less will be your difficulty at the end. Make a good start, so as to have something in hand. Issued by the Coal Mines Dept of the Board of Trade, Holborn Viaduct, EC1.

Wages of Land Women in Sussex. The proposed rates of pay for female land workers in various counties are given in an official announcement, which appears on another page. In Sussex the minimum wage is 5d. per hour for females of 18 and over, 4½d for those of 17, 4d for 16, 3½d for 15, 3d for 14, and 2½d under 14.