Fluorescent dog mess to highlight problem

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Dog mess will be sprayed with fluorescent paint in a bid to highlight the problem for walkers.

Lewes District Council said it would trial the use of the biodegradable paint in a dog fouling problem area at the Lewes Road Recreation Ground in Newhaven.

It will make the unpleasant material stand out for walkers and hopefully prevent them from stepping in it.

A council spokesman said: “By spraying the excrement we are hoping to remind dog walkers that they should pick up excrement from their dogs and deposit it in the dog bins provided.

“We realise that most people do pick up after their dogs but there is a minority of people who are still to get into the habit of taking responsibility.

“We are aware of similar campaigns run elsewhere in the country with success and we are optimistic that the campaign will produce similar results for the residents of Newhaven.”

To support the trial, signs will be placed at each end of the path reminding the public that dog fouling is a criminal offence and the council will issue fixed penalty notices to those who do not pick up after their dogs.

The signs have been designed by a student from Harbour Primary School in Newhaven who won a competition for school pupils to design a poster that highlights the problem of dog fouling.

Animal control officers will spray the paint on the dog mess.

The district council will review the trial after a month.