Fly tipping in South Heighton prompts appeal from Lewes District Council

Dumped tyres at The Hollow in South Heighton
Dumped tyres at The Hollow in South Heighton

An appeal for information was sparked after 80 tyres were found dumped in a ditch in South Heighton.

The area near The Hollow has seen more than 20 reported fly tipping incidents during the last two years, according to Lewes District councillor Chris Bowers.

This latest offence has prompted councillors to call for CCTV to be installed as a deterrent.

Cllr Bowers (L.Dem, Ouse Valley and Ringmer) said: “The parish council and I have been on to this over several months, as The Hollow seems to be a target for fly tippers – we’ve had over 20 reported cases since November 2009.

“We have had some success thanks to the spot checks undertaken by council officers, and the amount of fly tipping there is certainly down.

“This latest dumping of tyres is a setback to those efforts, but we’re determined to win the battle in the long run.

“South Heighton Parish Council and I have renewed our call for a CCTV camera, because the lighting there is very poor, so relatively easy for someone to go unnoticed.

“I’m pleased that the district council’s officers are looking into putting up a camera there.”

Chairman of South Heighton Parish Council Paul Julian added: “If anyone has any information please contact the council.

“A total of 80 tyres is a lot. What annoys me most is: there is a recycling centre down there.”

Lewes District Council is keen to find out if anyone saw the large quantity of used vehicle tyres being dumped in a ditch overnight on Sunday September 22 between 8pm and 6am on Monday.

In total 80 worn vehicle tyres were found off the A26 into the northern entrance to The Hollow and opposite the entrance to Lakeside wharf industrial estate where SCA paper is located.

A spokesperson for the district council said: “We think that either an open backed or closed transit vehicle was used and are asking people who were in the area and saw anything unusual, or have any information that may assist in identifying the vehicle or person involved to contact the council on 01273 484999.”

Any information can be given confidentially, however if someone has specific evidence that assists in a prosecution, the council may ask them to give evidence at court.

The district council treats fly tipping, which is an offence under the Environmental Protection Act 1991, extremely seriously. It will take positive action against anyone suspected of committing the offence which carries a maximum penalty of a £50,000 fine or five years imprisonment.