Food tastes better if you have grown it, Chipsters!


This week I have become all green-fingered, helping my Mum and Dad on their allotment plot.

They are growing all sorts of fruit and vegetables.

A few months ago I helped them plant all the seeds.

That was quite hard work so now it is the fun part as I get to pick and eat everything!

This week I picked lots of green beans, four tomatoes, some strawberries and rhubarb.

Rhubarb is my new favourite vegetable! My mum makes a very tasty apple and rhubarb crumble.

The other part I love about gardening is watering all the plants.

It is a very important job as watering helps the vegetables grow.

I also helped Dad with the weeding. This is quite a hard job and one that you have to do all the time as weeds grow back very quickly. Dad was very pleased with my help as this is not his most favourite job to do on the allotment.

For tea last night we had Mum’s home-made fish pie along with lots of the vegetables that I picked myself.

They taste so much better than the ones Mum buys from the shop.

I also love planting and growing flowers.

Dad helped me to plant some sunflower seeds a while ago, they are now growing and look beautiful!

When they die I won’t let them go to waste as birds like to eat the seeds.

I also love plants that attract butterflies like lavender, it smells nice too.

It is fun to watch all the birds and butterflies in the garden or at Mum and Dad’s allotment. What is your favourite animal? I hope it’s a dog just like me!

Chip chip for now!

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