Football ground earmarked for 40+ new village homes

The Caburn Field, home of Ringmer FC which was founded in 1905
The Caburn Field, home of Ringmer FC which was founded in 1905

Land at The Caburn Field, home of Ringmer Football Club, is earmarked for residential development.

A minimum target of 40 homes has been set for the site as Lewes District Council seeks to meet long-term housing objectives.

Potential sites across the District will be considered at a meeting of the council’s Cabinet on Monday.

No development shall take place at the Caburn site until a replacement field of equivalent area and quality is available and ready for use at an acceptable location in Ringmer.

The developer will be required to make a contribution, in proportion to the expected travel demands of the development, to measures to promote travel between the village and Lewes other than by car.

In addition the scheme must comply will all appropriate development plan policies.

Local Plan allocation for the relocation of Ringmer FC and redevelopment of its current ground reflects the continued wish for the club to move to an alternative site.

The club provides an important recreational resource for the village and surrounding area, and relocation will allow the club to improve its facilities.

The present site, covering approximately 1.3 hectares, is located in proximity to most of the facilities, services and transport links in the centre of Ringmer.

The Cabinet agenda says it is enclosed on three sides by residential development. Therefore housing is appropriate at the location.

Further junction improvements at Earwig Corner, on the route from Ringmer to Lewes, have been identified. However measures to promote transport between the two locations other than by private car remain a priority.

Elsewhere, Cabinet members will consider a minimum target of 100 homes at The Marina in Newhaven.

This would be subject to no loss in the number of existing berths and provision of adequate parking to serve them.

New development must include an appropriate standard of flood protection, including safe access to the site, and provision for future maintenance. Appropriate development plan policies must be complied with.

Small scale specialised retail/ food and drink premises and leisure uses associated with The Marina would also be acceptable.