Framfield mouth artist joins elite group

Bazza West at Speakers' Corner in Hyde Park.
Bazza West at Speakers' Corner in Hyde Park.

Bazza West from Framfield joined the elite group of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists at the weekend in London’s Hyde Park. He was in the company of Tom Yendell and Keith Jansz who held demonstrations of their painting techniques. Children could join in a rhinocerous colouring competition. Visit the website

Said Tom Yendell, of the MFPA, said they were delighted to oncwe again host the family event.

“The theme this year was based around the rhino after my wife and I painted a giant flower covered rhino sculpture using acrylic paints for the Go Rhino campaign,” he said.

“Each flower was painted three times to make it look as bright as possible and we are extremely pleased with the end result.

“I hope it will inspire children to be as creative as possible in the colouring competition.”

The MFPA provides scholarships to artists and generates income for artists to live independently.

The ‘Painting in the Park’ event provides the association with an opportunity to publicise the work of its members and meet with the public to raise awareness of the MFPA and its membership.