Free taster classes for adults at Sussex Downs College in Newhaven

A SERIES of free taster classes for adult learners will be offered at Sussex Downs College in Newhaven during adult learners week (May 16-20).

Topics include art, beauty, book keeping, brickwork for beginners, floristry, French cafe conversation, hair styling, internet skills, interview skills, Japanese for beginners, Spanish for holidays and top tips for CV writing.

For example Joan Ketley has seen her life transformed since she enrolled on a course to learn internet skills.

Head of employability programmes Hilary Morgan-Jones said: “Informal taster sessions are a great way to encourage people to get involved in learning activities.

“Take for example, mature student Joan Ketley who was born in the years after the First World War.

“Joan wanted to learn how to use the internet so she could exchange emails with her grandson who lives in Australia.

“So she enrolled on a course at the Newhaven campus of Sussex Downs College.”

As Joan said: “Not only did I want to keep up with family and friends via email, I also want to search the internet for information.

“So much is now available on the web, such as recipes, which means I need to be online.

“My family bought me a laptop for Christmas which has spurred me on to come on the course and learn how to use it.

“I look forward to the class which has a friendly atmosphere. In fact three of my friends have also come along and we all help each other.”

Tutor John Saunders said: “If you want to start learning again like Joan then there is a free IT beginner’s taster class on Thursday May 19 on the Newhaven campus where we will start right from the basics of switching on the machine, use of toolbars and how to start using it while demystifying the jargon.”

This is just a one example from the many exciting taster classes being offered as part of Adult Learners’ Week.

For further information and to book your place call the Newhaven Campus 01273 511400 or see