French market goes down a treat with visitors

Seaford French market
Seaford French market

A popular French market returned to Seaford for the second time this year on Friday September 20.

The event was organised by Seaford Chamber of Commerce and was designed to attract more visitors to the town.

Seaford French market

Seaford French market

The market traders came from the Rouen area of France, setting up a total of 16 stalls in Church Street.

Amongst the products visitors could buy were cheese, bread and woven baskets, as well as sausages, pates, cakes and biscuits.

Event organiser Dave Argent said: “It was very successful and the weather was absolutely glorious.

“We had positive feedback from people who went to the market.”

Dave also said this was the last French market he would be organising, as he was stepping back from such an active role.

He added: “I’m in my 70s now. I was there at 5.30pm and I left at 8pm at night.

“But we have got lots of new members coming on board.”