French mayor sings the praises of Newhaven Lifeboat

NEWHAVEN Lifeboat rescued a dog during a visit by the town’s mayor and the French mayor of La Chapelle St Mesmin.

Crew were on a training exercise when they spotted the Weinheimer dog struggling close to the East Pier.

The tired animal was unable to get out of the water because of the low tide and the high harbour wall.

Immediately a crew member was deployed to a ladder close by and the dog was safely lifted to the relieved owner.

Two further crew stood by ready to assist.

The Mayor of Newhaven Graham Amy and the French mayor Nicolas Bonneau were visiting the lifeboat during the Sunday morning training exercise.

Mr Bonneau said: “The crew were very professional and I can see why the mayor and the people of Newhaven are so proud of their lifeboat service.

“To carry our rescues at sea in all weathers takes a great deal of courage, but to do so as a volunteer for your town is very, very special.”

He added: “Meeting the volunteer men and women of the lifeboat was a great honour for me and it is a memory of Newhaven I will never forget”

The Mayor and residents of Newhaven have formed a twinning association.

The town will soon be twinned with La Chapelle St. Mesmin which should bring cultural, educational and sporting links between the two towns.

La Chapelle is near the city of Orleans, famous for Joan of Arc, and is situated close to the banks of the River Loire.

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