Fresh air teaching at Uckfield school

Holy Cross School, Uckfield. Photo by Ron Hill
Holy Cross School, Uckfield. Photo by Ron Hill

The Parents and Friends Association of Holy Cross Church of England Primary School have been busy with ground force work - all carried out in autumn and spring.

They have made improvements to the school courtyard creating a class seating area with planting and a pergola, tidying up the overgrown pond and turning an unused area in to a space for outdoor learning and class play.

School business manager Sarah D’Alessio said: “Holy Cross School now has a lovely area for the pupils to use when the weather is nice. We look forward to holding library sessions out in the fresh air.”

The work was undertaken thanks to a donation from Uckfield Rugby Club Founding Fathers. Thanks also go to Staverton Garden Centre for help with the plants. The Founding Fathers attended the school to see the work and so the school could thank them for their donation.

“Conditus Paterni, Auxilliabundas” is Latin for ‘Founding Fathers, giving aid,’ and this describes precisely the purpose of this volunteer committee.

A spokesman said that Uckfield Rugby Football Club was founded some 40 years ago, ‘based on, good hard rugby, the occasional pint and not least, recognition that as an organisation we had an ability or perhaps even a responsibility to help others less fortunate than ourselves.’

In the early days fundraising events for local charities were commonplace; however with the need to move to new premises some years ago (and the advent of professional rugby, which changed the face of the game even at their level), the focus turned inward.

The new challenge of the Founding Fathers is to reverse that trend. While the Rugby Club must continue to focus on improving the standard of rugby, the purpose of the Founding Fathers is to to raise funds for local worthy causes and in so doing realise some of the core principles, perhaps forgotten by many in some communities. The spokesman continued: “Uckfield Rugby Football Club was founded upon sportsmanship, competition, companionship, camaraderie and not least charity.”

For further details of their work, contact the chairman of the Founding Fathers, Alan Todd on: 01825 890910