Friday Club in Newhaven folds due to age and ill health of dwindling membership

Last meeting of Friday Club, Newhaven
Last meeting of Friday Club, Newhaven

A club which provided social opportunities for older people in Newhaven has folded due to the ages and ill health of members.

The Friday Club held its last meeting on Friday September 26 at Meeching Hall in South Road from 1.45pm to 3.45pm.

It had been running for about 40 years.

Honorary treasurer Peggy Wingate said: “It is with great regret that we announce the closure of our club.

“The club has been running for around 40 years and has been very successful and important to many older people who live in the Newhaven area.

“We wish to thank all members and committee members past and present for their hard work and ongoing support.”

Special thanks also went to honorary secretary Barbara Smith who has supported the club for over 30 years.

Over the years Barbara arranged annual holidays, monthly outings and super Christmas raffles.

Members used to play cards, bingo and games.

When there were more members they could even bring in entertainers, but since numbers have fallen this proved to be too expensive.

Peggy added: “Unfortunately due to the ages and health of our members, it is no longer possible to continue our weekly meetings.

“The members have agreed that any remaining funds will be donated to local charities of their choosing.”

Charities to benefit will include Newhaven Lifeboat, the Martlets and Bluebird.

Peggy added: “When I joined we had 80 members and a waiting list.

“Over the years ill health and people moving away our members have dropped. At present we have about 30 with regular attendance being 25 .

“It is the only time some members are able to socialise so they will miss the company of their friends.

“We are still going to arrange get together at the Newhaven Day Club.

“This will keep us all in touch and we will enjoy seeing our friends.

“It’s a shame. It was such a nice crowd.”