Friends earmark improvements in ‘wish list’ for Lewes

The Friends want Keere Street's pavers and cobbles to be restored to their former glory
The Friends want Keere Street's pavers and cobbles to be restored to their former glory

A ‘wish list’ of possible improvements to the county town has been drawn-up by The Friends of Lewes.

The civic society has provided the list to Lewes Town Council for it to give consideration to prior to receiving any Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL).

The CIL is a planning charge introduced as a tool for local authorities to help deliver infrastructure to support the development of their area.

Most new development which creates net additional floor space of 100 square metres or more, or creates a new dwelling, is potentially liable for the levy.

Lewes District Council is required to pass 15 per cent of CIL funds raised from developments in its area directly to the relevant parish or town council. This rises to 25 per cent in areas with an adopted neighbourhood development plan.

The list suggested by the Friends, in no particular order, includes:

- Providing a riverside path on the east side between Timberyard Lane and Cliffe Bridge and on the west side between Cliffe Bridge and Willeys Bridge

- Contributing to improvements to Earwig Corner road junction

- Restoring the brick pavers and cobbles in Keere Street to their former glory

- Replacing any tarmac or other inappropriate material in the pavements in the Conservation Area with traditional materials

- Creating a suitable bus interchange point to replace the run-down bus station

- Undergrounding or removing overhead wires attached to buildings in the Conservation Area

- Providing a proper park for visiting coaches with facilities for their drivers possibly on land behind Homebase

- Improving the ambience of Fisher Street

- Providing public toilets close to the Priory remains and in Western Road

- Contributing to the proposal to create a Peace Garden within the castle walls

- Completing flood defences along the riverbank where they are not planned to be provided

- Contributing to studies or other measures aimed at re-opening the railway line to Uckfield.

The Friends said: “It is appreciated that some of the projects are expensive and may well be candidates for grants from the CIL money that the National Park Authority retains.

“It is also appreciated that many are projects that should be provided by other statutory authorities in exercising their responsibilities but sometimes a contribution from the town council can mean that the project is brought forward or an enhanced result is obtained.”