From ‘The Titanic’ to all-age services - Hailsham’s Easter joy

Youth from Christchurch Hailsham at a town centre event.
Youth from Christchurch Hailsham at a town centre event.

EVERY YEAR residents in the Hailsham area gather together at church services to remember events which happened in Israel 2,000 years ago, leading to the story of Easter as told in the Holy Bible.

The exact number of people in the region celebrating the festival is unknown, to date - but 108,102 people listed their main religion as ‘Christian’ out of 140,023 respondents for Wealden District, according to the last census figures released a decade ago.

For many churchgoers enjoying Easter in the parish last weekend, the revelation about the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is the central event in the Christian calendar.

At Hailsham Parish Church (HPC), reported to be ‘bursting at the seams over Christmas’ by the vicar, Rev David Bourne, there were lots of exciting activities planned.

Rev Bourne invited people of all ages to join-in the church services, adding the Easter message ‘really can transform our lives today’.

Hailsham Baptist Church also opened its doors wide for anyone to come along and enjoy Easter. “Christ died for our sins, was buried and rose again according to the Scriptures”, was the theme. Pastor Howard Sayers said the meetings on Good Friday and Easter Sunday encouraged everyone.

The sinking of the Titanic was the unusual focus of the Easter Sunday service for Christchurch Hailsham.

Andy Johnston, church leader, said it was a ‘great Sunday with many guests’ adding: “We are bearing in mind that Easter Sunday coincides with the 100th anniversary of the Titanic sinking. So our theme was, ‘I am the King of the world’, which is what actor Leonardo Dicaprio said as the character Jack Dawson in the Titanic film.

“And those same words were said by Jesus before he died on the cross.”

The church has invited guest speakers for a ‘3 Blue Moon Sundays’ sermon series in the next few weeks.

Meetings begin at 10am in Hailsham Community College. First speaker will be Simon Thomas from Southampton on April 22; then Aime Gotte from Tours, France on April 29; followed by Andy Hawthorne OBE from Manchester on May 6.

“Blue Moon Sundays  for people who go to church once in a blue moon,” added Dr Johnston.