Funding to help learn about Peacehaven’s prehistory

The cafe at the Big Park in Peacehaven
The cafe at the Big Park in Peacehaven

While plans to build a replica Iron Village in the new park in Peacehaven have been abandoned due to lack of funding, a new archaeological themed scheme is being cooked up to replace it.

Instead residents could learn how their ancestors made and used tools, cooked and stored food, made clothing and built their own houses.

The Big Parks Project Board is applying to the Heritage Lottery Fund for funding to run the two year programme.

It is hoping to run a series of local groups which will explore how Peacehaven people lived in the Iron Age.

When archaeologists carried out excavations in Peacehaven during 2006 to 2010 they found evidence that people have lived in the area during its prehistory.

There were flint tools, droveways for moving cattle and sheep, roundhouses, grain storage pits, burial and cremation cemeteries were discovered, providing evidence of settlement in Peacehaven from the Middle Stone Age to the early Roman era.

The Big Park team will run taster events and consultation workshops to meet and talk to local groups and residents about its plans.

The local groups learning about archaeology will be held subject to the funding being secured from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

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