Fundraising underway for better cancer treatment at DGH

The Friends of Eastbourne Hospital have committed to a 2024 fundraising target of £500k to purchase a state-of-the-art Gamma Camera for the Nuclear Medicine department in Radiology at Eastbourne DGH. This equipment will enable better detection, diagnosis and treatment of cancer.
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Each year, the Friends of Eastbourne Hospital announce a Major Fundraising Project for the DGH, with previous projects including vital acquisitions for the hospital such as a second Da Vinci Robot in 2022 to maintain the gold standard Eastbourne offers in prostate and urological surgery; and equipment for the new cardiac catheter labs in 2023 which are transforming cardiac services in East Sussex. Thse two projects alone amounted to almost £1 million raised by the Friends and its supporters.

In 2024, the Friends' Major Project is to purchase a new Gamma Camera for Radiology. This will cost £500,000.

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A gamma camera looks like a CT and MRI scanner, but works differently. Radioactive dye is injected and travels to the targeted bit of the body that the team are interested in studying. The camera picks up this small amount of radiation which is converted into an electrical signal. A 3D picture map of what is going on inside the patient is made and enables quicker identification of cancer markers in patients, how invasive the cancer cells are, and gives full digital imaging in less time.

Fundraising underway for better cancer treatment at DGHFundraising underway for better cancer treatment at DGH
Fundraising underway for better cancer treatment at DGH

The benefits will include vital early detection, personalised treatment, reduced invasive procedures, precision in cancer care and comprehensive imaging. Gamma camera imaging provides functional information about the physiological processes within the body. It shows how organs and tissues are functioning, allowing for the assessment of organ function, blood flow, and metabolic activity.

Traditional imaging methods primarily provide structural information. They produce detailed images of bones, organs, and soft tissues, helping to identify fractures, tumors, and abnormalities in anatomical structures.

The biggest advantage of a gamma camera such as this one is that it combines both nuclear medicine and CT to create a hybrid image giving both functional and structural assessment. The acquisition of a Nuclear Medicine Gamma Camera will therefore directly impact the lives of patients, ensuring they receive the most advanced care available.

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The Friends of Eastbourne Hospital fundraise for their major project in a number of ways. A calendar of events is underway, including dining events, a race night, quiz nights, an afternoon tea and a members' lunch. Plans are also being made for a summer of Open Gardens and also, for the nineteenth year running, a weekend-long art exhibition in the autumn. All are welcome and encouraged to support the fundraising by attending these events. Further information can be found on the Friends website here

Support can also be given in the form of ad hoc donations, by joining the Friends as an individual or corporate member, with the organisation of your own fundraising events through work, social groups or school, or with a gift in your will.

By contributing to this project, you would be investing in the well-being of your community. Your donation, no matter the size, will be a crucial building block in the foundation of improved healthcare for Eastbourne and beyond.

Please visit the Friends website on to find out more about the major project and the work the Friends do, or contact the Friends Office on 01323 749503 or by email on [email protected] for more information. Thank you.

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