Gada family: Visa trouble ‘adding insult to a wound’


The mother of Andrea Gada has spoken out after the Home Office refused to give visas to her grieving relatives in Zimbabwe.

Andrea Gada, five, of Downland Close, Eastbourne, died following a road accident on Friday Street last month.

Mum Charity and dad Wellington had arranged Andrea’s funeral for Friday (January 9), and the community rallied round and raised £5,000 for the funeral and to help fly family members over - including Andrea’s grandparents.

But the Home Office refused to give visas to three members of the Gada family.

“This situation is adding more stress to what we are going through already,” said Charity, who has postponed her daughter’s funeral.

“As a mum, I understand the relationship between mother and daughter. For me to bury my daughter without my mum next to me, I feel that my daughter will not get the respect she deserves and I wont have a full closure.

“I am on my own in this country and all of my immediate family are in Zimbabwe. As a family, we feel that we are not getting any support from the system and the UKBA did not even consider our tragic loss.

“The community have shown their maximum support by helping us in raising some funds to pay for the funeral and the travel expenses for the grand parents to come pay their final respect.

“What is happening is just adding insult to a wound. We feel the Conservative government is showing that it can go to any length, even inhumane ways to achieve their aims (immigration figures down).”

MP Stephen Lloyd has written to the Home Office in dismay, following the decision. See his reaction here.

A Home Office spokesman said, “All applications are considered on their individual merits, including any compelling and compassionate circumstances, and in line with the immigration rules.”