Gadas to visit Downing Street to hand over visa petition

Andrea Gada
Andrea Gada

A 94,000-strong petition will be handed to the Prime Minister today, by the parents of Andrea Gada.

Charity and Wellington Gada will visit Downing Street with Eastbourne MP Stephen Lloyd, to personally hand over the petition to David Cameron.

This comes after efforts to obtain visas for their family members to attend five-year-old Andrea’s funeral were rejected twice by the Home Office.

Andrea, of Downland Close, Eastbourne, was killed in a road accident on her walk home from Shinewater School in December.

Her funeral was due to take place on January 9, but as visas for her grandparents and aunt were rejected, the funeral was postponed.

The Home Office said it had concerns the relatives, from Zimbabwe, would abscond.

But the Gada family offered to have the relatives electronically tagged, if this meant they could attend the funeral.

Stephen Lloyd offered to be guarantor for the family, and the Bishop of Chichester has also expressed his support for the Gadas.

To view the petition, click here.