Gales dump large amount of rubbish at Tide Mills

The recent spate of gales washed up a large amount of litter at Newhaven beauty spot Tide Mills, according to a conservation group.

The Friends of Tide Mills completed its first meeting of the year on Sunday January 19 where volunteers collected 32 sacks of rubbish. Group chairman Jim Skinner said: “A truly amazing number of us, around 25, recovered an unbelievable amount of rubbish from site- around 32 sacks of lighter, assorted rubbish and a significant amount of heavier, bulkier items.

“We were expecting an increase in the level of litter due to the recent run of gales, but not to this extent, which is very concerning and shows that the sea is still being indiscriminately used as a dumping ground - very sad and worrying indeed.

“We were joined by several new members which is great and very heartening.”

The next meeting will be on Sunday February 16.

Volunteers should meet at the beach end of the Old Village Road that runs up from the Level Crossing, from 10am until 12 noon.

Jim added: “We can never have enough like minded people to help keep Tide Mills, this rather special and unusual place as is.

“Please do join us. You will be most welcome, no matter the amount of time that you can spare.”

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